Sunday, July 24, 2011


As some of you might already know, Amy Winehouse died yesterday (23/7/11) at the age of 27. But some of you or most of you might not know, Amy was my inspiration and fortunately, she still is even though she is famously known as a troubled person. She's probably inspired millions of people too through her songs, even her bee hived hair! She was the person who made me appreciate music not just about the music itself but the story behind it. She made me fall in love with other genres that i don't listen to, then, like jazz/blues with a mix of r&b and hip hop. Just like the late MJ, even though Amy Winehouse is no longer with us,  her songs will live for years to come and they will continue to inspire people throughout the world in ways we never knew possible. 

Truly, your humble fan.

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