Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Burning Desire

So 2 weeks of school had gone ever so quickly without me even realizing that i've been trying to save time for school work, endless research, reports, projects...*breathe*. It's coming to the 3rd week now and i can already predict how my life would be like for the rest of my 3 years in NAFA, or maybe even for the rest of my life. I shan't complain about how study life is in my 3 year course cause after all, it WILL benefit my life in the working industry. Im aware that i will have to miss out on a lot of fun and excitement like how my great friends and i used to share but it will all change as soon as you know it. It's part of life anyway. Nonetheless, no matter how busy my life would be, i'll try to put in as much commitment to every single thing that is important to me - family, friends, school, work, personal space.

Right now, it feels good to be blessed with everything that i had prayed for. It almost seem like the perfect setting  for me at the moment and now i am practically free to explore as i want. Life isn't a fantasy, but you can always choose to add in a little bit of fantasy to the real world. From what i've learnt from a dear friend of mine who had passed recently, is that life is too short to be too serious all the time. Have the best of both world and embrace what you can't change :) xx

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