Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't Be Trashy

Video of Christian Dior F/W collection 2011

So you've probably seen the pictures for Dior F/W 2011 collection (backstage). Sorry for the poor picture quality though. It was a last minute decision of "to bring or not to bring" the camera, so i felt a little obligated to bring my sister's samsung st600 smart cam (since it was my last resort) just cause it was a compact camera and i was too lazy to run back to my room and grab a better camera. So now, lesson learned. Next time when there's another show, i have to get ready my nikon coolpix L120 the day before, or risk getting unflattering pictures and having to edit them one by one for long hours just to get the right amount of adjustments here and there. 

Alright so, back to the fashion show. I wonder why do they have to bring the fall/winter collection to singapore. Isn't singapore warm enough or should i say it's blazing hot sometimes that we can bleed (metaphorically) out of the scorching heat of the mighty sun??? Ive once seen a girl who was wearing a jacket with a fur trimmed hood, paired with a mini skirt and flip flops. Although it was kind of cold that daily only due to rain (not snow!!!) but come on, seriously? First of all, utter fashion disgrace. Secondly, does she have to go that far just to get people's attention? I mean the temperature here in singapore on a rainy day, is probably about 26 degree celcius or the least about around 24 degrees if you wanna compare it to summer in melbourne which was 18 degrees! People can be disturbingly ridiculous sometimes. Im glad her bare legs did not get any freeze bites from the so called "cold day" but lets pray oh god her pits weren't sweating like a tidal wave! I am ashamed. Truly.

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