Thursday, March 17, 2011

Men's Fashion Week 2011 Singapore

So Fee and I attended the preview party for Men's Fashion Week yesterday night and it was simply fab! It was our first time attending an event like that. To be honest, we didn't really know what to do so our first instinct was to "watch and follow" what others were doing. Haha. So anyway, right before the event started, we took some pictures here and there. 

Taking a picture in the toilet has officially become our tradition, hahaha!
And look what i was wearing. I mean talking about the dresscode, i was suppose to be "fashion forward" but it seems like mine was "fashion backwards". With my floral printed blouse, vintage high-waisted pants wrapped with my Dolce Donna leather belt. Looks like i took it back to the classic mid 50s and 60s. Though my studded wedge shows otherwise...

This is when the show have started. Unfortunately the place quite packed and everyone was pushing their way towards the stage where the models were. But fortunately, Fee and I were standing somewhere at the front corner of where the models were. So i quickly took out my camera and snap as much as i could . Don't mind the quality though, it was hard getting a perfect shot of them. Enjoy :)

The preview took about half and hour where finally vj Utt took the mic and called out some poeple up on stage for some VIP tickets to Men's Fashion show. How i wish i was one of the people :(

After the event, the models were already back in their own clothes and had some refreshments. So Fee and i decided to take a picture with one the models (below). He was a model from Brazil. We took some pictures and had a few conversations before he left.

So waaaay after the show, Fee's dad drove us home. The event itself was already a big thing for us when suddenly, Fee's dad break the news and told her that she got accepted to NAFA! Congrats hun! *screams*

After that we took more photos in the cab and some crazy pictures of us. I was already too exhausted after the event so couldn't care less and put on more silly faces.

Oh look what i have on my lap, Vitamin Water! Thanks to Curtis James Jackson III also known as 50 cent.


And guess what, I GOT ACCEPTED TO NAFA TOO! 


Anonymous said...

How you get the tickets? You buy?

ShaeyChanel said...

Nope, it was a free ticket, got it online :)