Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's with all the buzz about me being "freakishly tall" during CLV? At first, way before i start wearing heels, i get critics because i dont dare to wear heels. They say that i should be wearing heels cause, "you'll look like a model". Well, i thought i was giving "them" a favour so that they won't feel so insecure for being physically challenged and not able to grow as tall as they can. Now, when ive started wearing heels and there's a growing fetish in wearing heels and being proud of my height, again, i get critics for being extremely tall. How ironic. Cmon people, if you haven't seen the height of a real life model, well you prolly had just seen a preview of it - me. If you like seeing Victoria's Secret models and wish to be like them (for girls) or you wish to date them (for guys), well guess what? They're waaaaaaaay taller than i am. So before you start throwing mean words at them (or me) think of all the supermodels that you personally like and start giving credits to all the non-supermodels/freakishly tall girls because that's apparently the reason they became a model. 

It hurts to the extreme hearing people say "omg that girl's so tall, she's like a giant". OMG SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, A GIANT? THEN WOULD YOU LIKE A MIDGET TO CALL YOU A FREAKIN GIANT EVENTHOUGH YOU'RE JUST AN AVERAGE HEIGHT OF 5'3?? And im not kidding when i say people had called me a giant. That's how mean a person can be. To you, you might think that a giant is just a word, well do you wanna try being that giant and see what happens and hear what others have to say about you? 

Well if you wanna play fair, let's talk about short people. Hmmm...a midget, "oh look, he/she's so cute, so tiny, so adorable". Well, that's the most common ive heard when people come across a really short person. Try and compare it with a remark for a tall person, "omg she's so tall, she look like a giant, she's so huge, she's like the height of a lamp post". So you decide which is good or bad. And notice i didnt put a *he* cause it only occurs to girls, not guys.

Urggghh, talk about self-esteem. And silly people are just being plain silly.
Try to kill me with your words and imma kill you with my heels, haters~


elyn said...

hahaha, i like this post. so honest. and i like most "Try to kill me with your words and imma kill you with my heels, haters~" ahahahha

ShaeyChanel said...

hahaha! well yeah! if i don't stand up for myself or the "freakishly tall" girls, then who will right? anyway just pointing out some things. not trying to be rude to anyone or anything. :) peace!