Saturday, March 19, 2011

Don't lose who you are

This impressed me alot. Who knew you could diy your own camera straps :)

Well talk about trying to be more independent, im running out of cash! I hate it that i have to ask for money from my parents especially mom. It feels like begging and im not the type of person who likes to beg. Well maybe when i was young but that ended when i reached 16(or maybe even before that). Plus, how am i suppose to start my project if i dont have enough money to buy the materials? This is hard, reeeally hard. I can't work cause school's starting in about 2/3 months....alright yeah actually i can work, but what kind of job can i get for 2/3 months? *cross out from the list* So, as much as i hate to beg, looks like i'll be forced to. Oh well. 

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