Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Familiar Existence

Life has been great to me. I've been receiving wonderful opportunities that i've been dreaming of. First was the MFW preview party, secondly i am admitted to my dream school and i can proudly say i am officially a fashion design student, and just today, i got a job offer from a senior of mine. Well, apparently she's been working freelance at fashion shows and i was ultimately intrigued by that so i immediately tried to contact her (online) and asked her about it. And out of nowhere, i noticed she replied mentioning a job offer to work at one of the shows. Of course i said yes immediately! It doesnt matter if it's just for one show, opportunities like this don't swing by often. 

I know this would sound really cliche but, just like the elderly likes to put it, you have to work for what you really want. Like back in secondary school, i usually get really bad grades for practically every subject except art. Wonder why? Because art is what i want, where my future would be. The other subjects (to me) are just like a daily thing that i have to do. For instance, (like what my dad used to say) you have to go to the toilet to work on some "business" - eventhough sometimes you're too lazy to drag your butts to the loo - you just have to do it. So the other subjects are like that, to me. Each day i have to go through the same cycle. Well, im not saying that you should give up on your other subjects. Im saying that if you put your mind to it, really hard, you know where you'll be in future :)


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