Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leave it all to me

I'll be out in approximately 10 mins for my dental checkuppppp! New colour again. Hopefully i'll be wearing a full chain this time cus apparently im just loving how it looks when i smile, instead of the individual ones. I know, you might not get what im talking about only if you're wearing one too.

So i'll be attending today's event in the afternoon. Only god knows how much i need a car especially for occasions like this. And furthermore, i could drive my mum around town to search for her materials. What better way than going out with your mum and seeing her happy. Gosh, i love my mum. So anyway, pictures will be up soon, be back for more!

More projects for me coming up. Since im close to being broke, i figured i create/sew my own clothes. Well, at least it would be useful- classic ;)


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