Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Poisonous Lust

The Poisonous Lust
The Poisonous Lust by shaeychanel featuring a brown belt

There'll be an event coming up this Saturday and ive planned on wearing the red blazer, white top, an off-white skinny pants and a white snake skin heels (not from a real snake skin) similar like the ones above. Im still not sure what kind of hairstyle and makeup should i do. Any ideas anyone? :) p.s. I'm going to attend a performance with a formal dress code.


elyn said...

fuyooooooooooooo. dee, you are like one vip.

ShaeyChanel said...

what?! noooooo! hahaha! And it's for cest la vie anw. Must.Look.Proper. hehe ;)