Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cest La Vie

Syak & Mrs. Khiu

Fee & Mrs. Khiu

Before the performance, we decided to snap some pictures here  and there.

Promise fulfilled. Finally SNO girls are playing the gamelan and they did really well i must say.

The ex classmates

Carya, Syak, Addiee & Ima

Nelson Neo. Oh look! Im taller than him!

Fee, one of the best of the best <3

Sweet ladies.

My lovely ladies.

Syak & Mardiana

With Rafik

Huda & Fee

With Huda & Reen

Me (with my retarded face) , Syak & Reen

Huda, Ima, Addie

Ady & Zierah

Atiqah & Ady

SNO & instructor Mr. Khamis. I miss being among those people.

With my cousin, Asyraf. Apparently he was in the modern dance. Well, who knew he had it in him ;)

Fee & Syak were excited to take a picture with this really tiny adorable kid.

With all the ex kulintag (SNO) players. Miss them alot!

With Ady. Another one of the best of the best.

After the performance. Managed to hide our tired faces.

Don't blame me on this one. I did tell her to smile. Haha.

Pardon me for my extremely huge forehead (\/)


Fee said...

huge forehead is sexayye! :D

ShaeyChanel said...

You're just trying to make me feel better cause apparently you're my bestfriend, that's your job to say so :( hahahahahah, insecurities~

sw said...

nyeeeeeeeeeeeet. gmbr gigi aku pun kau taruk. HAHA

ShaeyChanel said...

hahahahaha! yessss, cus i looove the colour! hehe :p