Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Asia cum Middle Eastern

Okay this is really confusing. Some people say i look mixed. 
Well, that's cause i am.

So how do you solve this?
If my dad's ancestors were from Saudi Arabia(dad is still a malay though), my mum's ancestors were from Java and China(probably), while my late granddad is mixed Filipino, 
then what does that make me? Cause dad said that if my late granddad had ancestors from Filipino, that means there's a possible chance that i have Spanish blood too. 
(Just a little history about Philippines; the Spanish settled in Philippines decades ago.)
Is there a name for that kind of genetic mixture?

Sometimes when people ask me if im mixed, i'll be like omg you dont even wanna know. But thank god my ic states one thing: malay. I wonder if there's anybody's race that states undefined.. Haha! I'd rather be a cat or a rabbit in that case(only because i love cats and rabbits, hehe!), at least my race would state one word: animal.

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