Thursday, December 16, 2010


So i had an interview today at C&K along with Fee and Elyn. It wasnt really nerve-racking though and thank god the interviewer was so much friendlier as compared to the receptionist(well hey, receptionists have to be friendly too you know.) Oh and the minute i stepped into the room, my eyes was glued to a whole chunk of C&K bags, shoes and sunnies!! It felt like heaven, i swear! Haha. It was kind of distracting though cus i cant really focus on what to answer the interviewer during the Q & S part, and i just felt like grabbing every single piece and run away hahaha! Godddd how i wish that room was somehow my bedroom, wouldnt that be perfect? Im soooo hoping to get the job cus the other 2 jobs i applied didnt actually bother to pick up the god damn phone and just tell me if i get the job or not. urggghhhhh! So not professional, seriously? I'll be getting the result tmr evening so, WISH ME LUCK! :D hehehehe.


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