Sunday, December 12, 2010

kids' conversation

So just about half an hour ago, my lil sis & bro were playing with our neighbours. 
And i overheard them while they were playing the monkey and the catcher? (is that right?) well anyways, this is what i heard:

big brother: Ayul, pegi sane! Ayul kan monkey! (Go there Ayul! You're the monkey!)
little brother: Tak! Ayul bukan monkey! Ayul orang. *grumpy face* (No! I'm not a monkey! I'm a human.)

Hahahahaha! How cute is that?!?!?!?!?!?!!! This kid (Ayul) cracks me up all the time! He's quite mean though. And by that i mean he actually used his cat as mop. YES A MOP! He uses his cat to mop the water that he spilled directly from his mouth! I knooooowwwwww, it's extremely gross. You cant help it but to laugh. Even though i know it's purely eeeeevill, i mean give him a chance, that kid's only 3 years old. 

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