Friday, November 12, 2010


Went out with Fee today. As usual, we had tonnes of laughters and funny moments, especially when fee starts to "terkehel". Hahaha, cant get enough of that! ;D So we initially planned to window shop. Well in the end only Fee did since she didnt have enough money with her. And i happened to be the one spending away. Awwwhh poor Fee. Heehehh. And guess what i bought??? No. 1: a diy mask. No.2: a black Moschino dress with hand made details on the shoulder paddings. Awesommeee~ But wanna know what's more awesome? I got it for 20% off (from $150++ to $127) eventhough there weren't any sale/promotion. "Oh no she didnt!" Oh yeah i did. But wait, the most of the most awesomest (is there even such a word?) is... IT'S BEEN TOUCHED AND HELD AND FAVOURITED BY MARIAH CAREEYYYYY!!!! "Daaaannngggg girl!!" Hahahahhahaah! Omg this dress really made my day and i couldnt stop blabbering about "omgg i got the dress that's been touched by Mariah Carey!" to Fee. Hahaha. I know, sorry Fee, i just couldnt help it. I knoww you might think "how do you know it's been touched by MC?" Well, it was all coincidence actually. I tried on the dress and Fee asked me to look at another dress. So i slide the fitting room curtain open and was looking at Fee, when suddenly the women/strangers in the room said, "wow, very nice". yada yadee doooo, that's when a woman(owner of boutique) told us about MC coming to her boutique and holding the dress....and the story goes on. "When did MC came to singapore?" well duh, during the F1 race of course.

I'll be posting a picture of it soon. Oooohh, ive considered wearing the dress for grad night and will be diy-ing the mask with black, red and maybe white feathers with prolly some bedazzles on it. oooooh cant wait for that day already! This day is just too awesome i feel like im flyinggggg~

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