Thursday, November 11, 2010


First and foremost, i just wanna say that er...I MISS BLOGGING!!! Okay so ive been missing cause i had to deal with the Os. And finally, it's over!! ooookaay not quite exactly but at least it's nearing the end of it :DDD
It's so overwhelming now that i know i dont have to care about school and homeworks and tonnes and tonnes of art prep. I mean theres so much to deal with, more than i thought i had to. But anywayssss its all coming to an end now. Have my future plans all listed. And ive considered to retake maths IF i fail (which i bet i will). 

Having my last paper on friday - Science mcq. I wonder why they planned it in such a way that we candidates have to drag our lazy asses off to school just for an mcq exam just for the last paper. Isnt it annoying?! Okay whatever. Dont even wanna talk about it now. Anyway, i'll be having my grad night next thursday. Havent fully decided on what id be wearing though. Any clues??? Well since our theme this year is masquerade, i'll definitely start on my new project: DIY mask. But where can i find those nice fluffy feathers?? I mean talk about time limit. I dont even know if i can find the right dress on time, especially for someone who's veryyy picky like me. 

So, it's about 12 am and i can still hear my bunnies banging on their 2 storey wooden house made of planks. HAHA! Adorable~ I cant sleep yet, prolly gonna play sims later on just to make myself fall asleep. BTW i cant wait to start working! Though i still havent found a suitable one yet but i just wanna get a job fast and earn big big chunk of $$$ and save some for my mum and some for nafa and some for london fashion school (maybe) and some for...okay practically everything for my future plans. You get the whole idea. So, talk about money, to be honest, i havent even touched my hari raya money from past year's till this year's. Im that good at money saving. I know for some might think okay this girl's just bragging. But honestly, i dont think it's that good. Like for instance, i can go out with my girls, bring a large sum of money with me, go to loads of shops(and i mean like really alot) without even spending a dime, except for food. Im a food junkie; just a fact. Dont you think its weird? Im not saying that im afraid of losing the money but i just cant find the perfect outfit to spend on. And another fact: im a total perfectionist. I try to hide it sometimes but at times it's even unnoticable. It's not that i want everything to be perfect but it's just my way of satisfying myself you know. Okay maybe it's a little complicated but you'll get it somehow. I hope.

Okay im done typing for the night/morning. More stories soon! xoxo

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