Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello Beautiful Sunday

I think im gonna be sick soon cause im sneezing away every minute! Hopefully it's just a sinus or else i'll have to start eating medicine, eeeeww! So anywayyyy, planning to dye my hair today and do some trimming. Marie's doing so too, yayy! Ive been waiting for this since the past week cause i cant stand seeing the same old hairstyle since forever. So i thought making a change to my  virgin hair was a great solution. Haha. I thought of changing my hair colour from black/deep brown to something like Miley Cyrus's hair colour, or Audrina Patridge's or Holly's(mtv vj). I cant really make up my mind now. But anyway, i really need to fix my hair before grad night. Or else i have to suffer a whole dramatic bad-hair-day, noooooooo...!! 

Went out with the girls yesterday. Accompanied them to find/buy their dresses and accessories while i searched for a shop that sells the materials for diy mask. Finally found one at Far East and i actually spent almost 50 bucks for the materials ONLY, and that includes the feathers, various types of feathers, 2 packets of sequins (white and red) and a packet of gold dust. Can you believe it? All that almost cost me 50 bucks! But after all that i feel so excited cause i can finally create my own mask. Being pretty isn't always easy you know ;)

More soon, xoxo.

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