Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday Night

Spend the whole evening watching The Notebook and A Walk To Remember. Kind of obsessed with Nicholas Spark's stories for now. Haha. I mean everything that he writes about are so beautiful, there's no doubt about that. Im prolly gonna watch a few other movies based on his novels tomorrow. Hehhh.

So anyways, ive seen a slight increase in the number of readers ive received recently. I wonder why... haha. Okay im guessing these people cant wait to see my post/pictures on grad night, right..? If its so, well, sorry guys, i dont have the pictures with me now. But i promise i'll get it soon. Just have to wait for certain people to send the photos to me. I actually havent even seen the photos yet so im pretty psyched to see it too!

It's been 2 days since grad night and i still cant believe it's all over already! Why does good things always have to end so fast? It took me days to figure out what i should wear on that day, spend loads of cash on buying the dress, masks, feathers, etc, figuring out how the makeup should be done, the hair, practically every single thing! And it all ended with a snap. But in the end, it was all worth it :) All the sweat in finding those pretty things just to feel special on that day and the sweat after dancing on the dancefloor like there's no tomorrow. It's.All.Worth.It. Goddd, if only there was an after-party. Wouldnt it all be perfect? :D

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