Thursday, March 22, 2012

Embrace Teenagehood

It's been sooooooooo long since i last went on a shopping spree! Been trying to control my spending so instead i spend them on glorious FOOD! Im kind of regretting it right now cause my thighs are getting huge and fats are slowly piling up on my tummy. Oh no this is not good :( 
So my friends and i went to H&M today to do our textile project and i instantly knew that i'll come out from the shop with no empty hands. I had my eyes on the printed top (extreme right pic) and me being me, I was so fickle minded if i should buy it or not. Well Nini and Yuan did a good job encouraging me to buy it and they even said that the top is totally my style. Haha funny how they say it's my style when I'm still figuring out what my style is. I guess sometimes other people understand you more than you understand yourself huh?
I still can't wear the top yet cause i NEED to find the perfect bottoms to match with it. The top itself showing so much personality, and i am still a teenager, i don't want to walk around town being mistaken as a 30 year old lady. Sending the wrong message is the worse thing to happen. I prefer to dress up age-appropriate so while I'm still young, I might as well embrace the moment.

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