Friday, January 20, 2012

Colourless Peacock

Model's picture from Phillip Lim Pre-Fall 2011

A little something on what im doing now for my project. THIS, is my first time doing a fashion collage or whatever you call it. So bear with me please. So i have to do a WHITE Collection for my project and boy is it tough! We were assigned to come up with our own themes and me being me, i chose something with vibrancy and colour, hence i chose peacock as my theme. I know the peacocks that we usually see are the Indian Peacock which is the ones filled bright colours and you might think, how the heck am i gonna relate this to a white collection? Well thank goodness by the power of the almighty, there's a thing called albino peacock or the blue-white peacock which has some mutated colour pigmentation on it! Bet you didn't think of that did'cha! haha. Okay so back to "business", i don't really quite like the fact that i have to do a white collection. People who knows me well or knows my artistic side, knows that i can't live without colours! It's really a huge challenge for me on this one. Maybe after this project i might just turn blind or total colour blind or something hahaha! Well, colour or no colour, i have to make this as bad ass as i possibly can! Oh god.

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