Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm having a killer sore throat now and what's worse, i had to ditch my oral presentation test! Well, school is important but for me, my health is way more important than that. So anyhow, it's been raining for the past couple of days. Best time to just relax, sip a cup of warm tea, or probably just jump right on to the bed and knock yourselves out. Haha! I mean it. Well that was what i did until i suddenly woke up to the smell of cigarettes. PUKES! I hate it when my dad reaches home. Especially during at night when he reaches home after work, you can easily detect that he's home just by the smell of those cancer sticks. What a nightmare especially when you're already starting to sleep, having a nice dream until BAM!, those filthy poisonous smell of smoke goes right up your nostrils and into your lungs as if you're inhaling your own death. Okay enough of him now, this post wasn't suppose to be about him anyway. skirt submission was suppose to be today and at such a short notice, i got to know that my lecturer was on mc. The thing is, i was such in a hurry to finish up my skirt project that my mum even brought me to Courts (yesterday) just to get me a new set of sewing machine since the old one was giving technical problems at the very last minute, she bought it for me just so i could do ONE TYPE OF STITCH - overlock stitch - already so overwhelmed by all that only to be more overwhelmed when i got to know that the submission was cancelled today! Doesn't it make you feel like taking a pair of stapler and start stapling your forehead with this "-.-" face?
Pictures from Stockholm Streetstyle

With pride i say, I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO MAKE A SKIRT! *hurrah hurrah!* Well, just the basic one, hehe! Initially i thought of making a double layered skirt but i realised why in the world would i do something so complicated when i don't even know how to do the basic? So after a long process of rethinking, i finally decided to do just the basic skirt. And now i can't wait to start on tops! This, i know, will be way more tougher than the skirt. Semester 2 here we comeeeeee! 

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