Sunday, October 9, 2011

Colour Swatch

(Note that these pictures are not mine. Sources are taken from WGSN)

So it's week 11 now and research report submission will be on the 13th week but yet i still can't seem to figure out which colour i should choose best for my collection. It's all between earth tones and artificial colours. Im think im quite lucky that i chose morocco as my theme cause there's just SO many colours that i can choose from and colours and prints seem to be the trend now, but having to predict the trend for 2013 is a whole other question. Generations after generations, we all assume that everything will eventually be more 'futuristic' and more sci-fi-esque that it's become a huge cliche. But fashion? I mean c'mon let's be real, who would really wear a solid square or triangle or circle or any other different shapes of silhouette on the streets? Everyone  wasn't born to be Lady Gaga, with all due respect, but she's a famed celebrity. And well, yeah it might be a designer's signature style or simply just breaking out of their cocoon and be bolder to have a collection like that but in the end it all ends with what REAL people would wear and what actually sells. Anyhow, I'll give all my respect to someone who would actually do that because that is actually a huge risk-taking but as for me, i'd rather stick to what real people want. 

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