Monday, September 19, 2011

My 12 Year Plan

My 18th birthday is coming real soon, well, another 3 days to be exact but frankly, im really not looking forward to it. On that day itself, im obligated to go for an afternoon class from 2pm to 5pm, feed myself with school projects when i reach home, literally, cause i wont have much time to feed myself with real food by then. For 3 consecutive years now, i have not had a real birthday celebration and i know this will continue on for years to come. And by the age of 30, nothing's gonna change much too. Except maybe there'll be more job for me which means lesser time for myself, and probably still single. Lol it's really not a big deal for me though to still be single by 30, it's not a shocker too. Im probably gonna keep a few cats and well, live happily ever after. I hope? Well anyhoos, Happy Advance 18th Birthday to me! *blows wait, it's a lighter...oh..* xx

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