Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's just me

So I was reading up 'The singles 'labels'' on Xinmsn and since im single, i tried to see if i fit on any of the singles 'labels' and apparently, i do!

'The fiercely self-sufficient'
This single couldn't be happier on her own and loves all the thrilling plans she has made to travel. They never stay still and there is just no room for men in their lives. They don't want or need another half to define who they are, to make them happy or to give them purpose. On the off chance that someone great that slotted into their lives came along then so be it, but they have no interest in actually finding a man right now.

Hell yeah im the fiercely self-sufficient!!! I cant believe how much i can relate to this. All the travelling and being independent is just me. Right now i have to depend a lot on my family since because i am still schooling but right when i own a job and start working on my own life, bamm! Im gonna be out there doing my thing! xx

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