Thursday, June 30, 2011

Restaurants & Cafés

"So just save your words and I'll fade away now
Give me a match and I'll burn it all down
Pick up your feet and take me home now
'Cause it's dark inside, and I'm all alone"

I had a really great time with my best friend yesterday. It's funny how we always say the same thing at the exact same time. Even the most random stuff like when we had to clear our throats after giggling and laughing to our heart's content. So we had our dinner at Arab St. at one of the "authentic" Lebanese restaurants, Gulf Beach Restaurant & Cafe. Alright i wouldn't really say it was a dinner cause it was around 4.20, definitely way too early to be called a dinner and too late to be a lunch time. But anyway, the food there was such a delight and i immediately thought that i should bring my sister there one day! We had a hard time choosing a dish cause there was way too many on the menu. I initially thought of getting an appetizer but i knew my tummy could not fill up as much it could hold, so Fee and i went straight for the main dishes afterwhich i finally decided to order a Kebab Kofta and an iced mint tea (for just $20 in total) and Fee ordered Farrouj Mechwi and a root beer float ($25 in total). Trust me, it stuffed me up till the next morning! Okay so enough of me blabbering about my wonderful day. I'll just let you enjoy the pictures below :)

My Kebab Kofta

Root Beer Float & Iced Mint Tea

Farrouj Mechwi

Headed to coffee bean cause this lovely person was craving for an Oreo Cheesecake which turned out to be less delightful.

No comments, hehe.

And this is what i meant. The top layer of the cake was kind of "burnt". Not really sure if it was supposed to be like that...

Happy to have snapped this amazing design on the ceiling!

And to end this post, im more than thrilled to be showing this picture that ive successfully created a 3D image of the cafe's logo (lol, this was only due to a sudden jerk of my hand being crazy and not helping me get the perfect shot, booo). 

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