Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Taking pride of my long luscious (...or maybe not) hair, im proud to say i've finally found the courage to chop off an INCH of my hair! Trust me, it was a painful moment for me, im not trying to be oh-so-dramatic just for cutting off my hair but if it's precious, you'd never wanna let it go, right? Yeah i know it'll grow back very soon but i've kept it for 3 years w/o having any trimmings after every few months so it's as good as cutting my own skin to me :( boooo! And after all, my hair was in big need for attention, literally! I was losing my hair so much till i thought i was balding, and i had so many split and dry ends which tangles every time i run my fingers through it. So not romantic! Haha! Well my hair is still kinda dry now but it's a work in progress. Do not mistake me for someone who is high maintenance though. I put the slightest attention to my hair -wash, shampoo and condition- and i comb my hair only when i remember to (omg lol) but not eversince my hairstylist told me that's the worst thing i can do hahaha shame on me! But lesson learn. Im gonna have to put a little more attention on my hair from now on. Hopefully :)

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