Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mermaids and hullabalooooo

Just came home from a beautiful swimming date with my lovely best friends. Been waiting for this day for quite a while now and thank god the weather was perfect. Neither hot nor cold. PERFECT. Oh btw, im so happy today cause i taught myself how to float while swimming backwards, i dont know if you understand that and i have no idea what's the name of the technique but it's simply swimming and stroking backwards while floating (okay i think i just repeated it) plus i did a dolphin swim which is basically like how mermaids swim. It was fun and all...until i clogged my ears!!! It was really frustrating cause when i walk, i could literally hear my footsteps go 'boom boom boom....". I know this might sound absolutely ridiculous to you but i won't deny what i actually heard! But anyway, i've finally managed to unclog them ears when i tried the "jump on one foot while tilting your head sideways, ears facing ground" method. But i have to say, it didn't worked instantly so, patience did the magic. Yeah, no kid. So now, while i can sigh a relief for unclogging my ears, im actually trying to ignore the burning sensation on my left eye which is bloody red on the corner!

Beautiful day i say? Well, it was definitely worth it :)

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