Sunday, June 12, 2011

I just need a companion

Been away for quite a while now mainly because i've been spending my time with my family for the summer holidays to the neighbouring country and including the little island also known as Sentosa. It was well worth the one week impromptu trips to various places although there were little ups and downs along the way, and now i can't wait to meet my best girl friends whom i miss dearly!!

So anyway, recently i keep having dreams about cats. Well, random cats in particular cause i don't have any cats living with me. And what kept me curious was the fact that i keep having the same cat dreams every night, like  practically every night! I know i've been begging my mum to let me own a cat and convincing her that i'll be totally responsible for the cat (okay maybe not the payment part) in making sure that the cat is well taken care of, but that can't be the sole reason for all the dreams that i've been having right? I mean having the same dream every consecutive day should probably have a meaning behind it. And as for the owning a cat part, i've actually begged my mum every year in hopes of getting one. I wonder if she ever even noticed but having a cat is like the whole world to me (besides my family & best friends of course, duh). It's kinda sad to me when every time i tell my mum i want a cat, she'd immediately say, "if you want a cat, i'll leave the house". I know she's actually not afraid of cats cause i've seen a cat circling her in an affectionate way and she's totally calm with it but she just doesn't like it when a cat starts to create a mess and scratch everything it sees. I mean lets be real, no human likes that unless if they're suffering from any depression or just simply gave up on everything. So i told my mum that there's a thing called scratch poles/pads which she obviously already know. I still don't get why she won't let me own one, though one reason might be is that she's a cleanaholic. Not the extreme one though. Nonetheless i'm still gonna be the annoying daughter and persuade her till i really get one. Hehe! Oh and btw, just want to share a video of an extremely cute cat that drinks water direct from the glass. That's right, THE GLASS!

p.s. this is not abusive, the cat is simply a genius :3


Anonymous said...

ah2 siol. CUTE GLER PE KUCING TU!?! GAAAH! -syakilah

Shaey Chanel said...

hahahaha! syak i wanna see your cat one day pretty braces with black chain on top please???? hehehehehe!