Friday, May 6, 2011

I was going through OMG-facts and came across this. I might be late on this. Some might have heard of it or some might not but i just felt like sharing with anyone who's reading. It made me sad to know that they're eating dirt in order to survive. He we are in the first world countries, complaining about unhygienic food, or even to an extent where we complain about food that doesn't suit our taste buds when we're just being picky. I mean look at those people! You know the feeling of wanting to help but you can't do anything about it because you're incapable of going there and giving a sincere help. Well wherever you are in these world, just be grateful of the things you already have, no matter how good or bad it is to you. Well from the source of the page, it does say "Thankfully this is no longer the case in Haiti, but stories like this make you realize how fortunate we residents of the United States and other first-world countries are to have been blessed with so much". Thank god they're no longer facing such misfortunes but we know what Haiti's been through so i guess the best thing we could do is to show them some love & respect. Peace.

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