Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dead sea salt & body butter

Oh wowww, i haven't blog that much recently have i? Even my stats are running low. So anyway, today i was suppose to work (as a dresser) at Zouk for another fashion show but i had to turn it down cause it was kind of too last minute. I received the call at 12 midnight! And apparently i tucked in early that night. Anyway i couldnt go out today due to personal reasons. Im hoping there'll be more shows to come though or else i'll just be sitting at home doing absolutely nothing...well maybe eat, and eat , AND EAT!

By the way, have you watched Insidious??? It's a new horror movie directed by James Wan. That's definitely a #mustwatch cause you'll find yourself getting out of your seats several times during the show. It can even scare the shit out of any skeptics out there, believe me. Now don't mind me, im off to watch more movies! 


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