Monday, April 18, 2011


So about a month ago, or so, my sister and i went to this really cute vintage mini toy store at Arab Street. The shop was selling and displaying some really antique/vintage stuff, but we were surprised when the owner kind of invited  us to go up to the second floor. Previously we weren't allowed to go up hence we became really curious to find out what the guy was talking about. So we paid for the ticket which only cost S$2!!! And after that we immediately made our way to the doorstep of the "mini museum" and we were welcomed by some.......
Immediately when we came in, we saw these really old photos of kids...sounds scary but frankly it wasn't. We climbed up the stairs and saw some other cool stuff that my generation of people have probably never seen before.
If you're wondering whether it's a baby's milk bottle, you're right! And guess what? It's even made out of glass! YES, GLASS! Now i wonder how many bottles do they keep in the past, and how do they tolerate the number of bottles that's been thrown and shattered. 
Anyhow, we continued our adventure throughout the museum and found loads of "omg is that what i think it is?!" stuff. Right now im just going to post the pictures and let them do the talking :)

Had fun watching all that? Wait till you see the ones on the first floor! 

If you're the vintage preppy type of person and loves vespa (like me), i assume you'd definitely love this!

Alright this is really classic i must say. How i wish i could drive one! 

So those are all taken at their so called garden. It was actually a really tiny place but apparently they managed to squeeze all that in there, just like they did on the second floor at the toy museum.
After that we went back into the store since it was getting dark and took more amazing pictures of the unique antiques.

And some other pictures of me and my sister.

How i wish my childhood was as awesome as what the previous generations had experienced. Mine was just filled with tacky futuristic toys that don't even last as long as i wanted it to. Well nonetheless, i definitely enjoyed the whole experience and getting a scoop of the past. Did you? ;)
Brought to you by Ah Seng Toys Store.

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