Friday, February 18, 2011

Pretty little things

Interesting.. *search for scissors and beads*

I am getting way obsessed with polyvore. I haven't even completed my "to do list" which is maaaaajooor important. Everyday i log in to the computer, i'll find myself typing in the polyvore's site instantly, it's like my brain has automatically switched to it. It.Is.Contagious - PERIOD...which is probably the main cause of my absence in posting more boring stories about my life. Just kidding!! Well, about the boring life part, i meant. I mean are you kidding me??!! I am waaaay contented with my life right now. Everything's going pretty well, family ties, best friends, friends, new friends, old friends, and the list goes on. Im quite happy now that finally, i get to do the things i wanna do at my own pace. No hassle, no pressure. Just a smooth sailing journey to a better future. Well, this is temporary though. Once i get the result for my new school, regardless what it turns out to be, im going to be in the battlefield - again. This is life anyway. Good things come to an end and you gotta appreciate the little things to appreciate the bigger ones.

"Man, valentines day is for tossers and sheep shaggers." -
Damn, i love sully (MLAL)

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