Friday, February 11, 2011

For the love of fashion

Oh wowww! Look at that! The last time i checked, i only had about 300 set views, 12 set likes and 5 contacts. Looks like my hard work(or not so much of hard work) paid off. Yayyy me! Polyvore's been accompanying me lately. Since i have nothing else to do besides sewing, stitching, designing, viewing youtube videos for tutorials, etc. Furthermore, this could be helpful for my upcoming tests esp for fashion merchandising. Tips for fashion knowledge and all. I just hope it will really pay off when i get the results though. 


elynn said...

AMIN!!! pastu leh bikin baju untuk aku :p

ShaeyChanel said...

jangan ckp baju, sluar di dalam(trying to mind my words) pn aku bole buat, hahahaha :P

elynn said...

Hahahaha!! Baju wedding sekali dong . Hehe 10 tahun lagu je xp