Sunday, September 12, 2010


Looking at these pictures are already making me tempted to create my own. I mean the clothes of course. All the sewing and stitching and etc. But sadly ive never tried sewing before cause i dont even have a sewing machine at home -.- The only time i saw a sewing machine at home was when i was like only about 9 10 years old? I soooo cant wait for next year! Cause IF i get into nafa (fingers crossed) i'll be able to learn sewing and such. Wont it be awesome?! I mean i can even sew my own future wedding dress!!!

Okay i really gotta stop dreaming, for now. So anyway ive been staying at home since yesterday. I know right, stay at home, alone, on a hari raya, when i can be spending my time with my lovely family and relatives. Eat like a pig ,play with bunga api, laugh, cry(okay maybe not cry), and most certainly get those collections!!! BUT thanks to PRELIMS, i stayed home instead and be a good girl and study for the exams this coming week. Early preparation for O's sake 0:)

AWWWW aren't we adorable! (Alright, i know i keep sidetrack-ing. That's how i am. Deal with it.)
That's me, the bald headed girl in the washing machine, along with my big or not-so-big sissy! Mum told me she insisted on putting me inside the washing machine just cause i was bugging her to watch Mr Bean with me while she was cooking. I was such an irritant at that time, trust me, only mum knows. And so mum was too tired of carrying me and voila, look where i end up at..IN THE WASHING MACHINE! Dont worry people, this is NOT an abuse. The machine wasnt even turned on. And apparently, mum put me there to shut me up. Look how happy i was. Well, you know how little kids get so excited eventhough it might be weird. So looks like im not really an ordinary kid huh. Candies just wont shut me up, but washing machines do. And i love watching Mr Bean then. Seriously, is there really any kid who watches Mr Bean like i do and i mean like a "die-hard fan" of MB?!! If there is please, comment on this post or something cause i see a great chemistry btwn us. HAHA! Hmmm,maybe i should start a passion on washing machines and make more movies about MB instead (LOLWTH?) :\
I miss those times. Good times, good good times.


E'lyn Baby Boss said...

HAHAHAHAH. what the heck, washing machine and MB movie ??? HAHAHAH. anyways, im a bigbigbigbigbigbig fan of MB. ahahhahahaa. all tie favourite ^^

Shaey Chanel said...

hahahahha! yeahhh amacamm? alright pe hahahha! eh yayyyy aku ade member! nasib. :DD

Elynnn said...

HAHAHAHAH. sett uh .. movie abt it. lol. kau gila ey ! see what you produce. hahahaha !

Elynnn said...
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