Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Know Me Like You Do

Some of hari raya pictures above. And guess what? Ive only had a total of 4-5 days of raya since the first day, all thanks to prelim exams(which means i cant go out to celebrate raya that much). sighhh. Anywayyyy, on a brighter note, IMMA BE 17 TOMORROW! OFFICIALLY! :DDDD Skipping school tmr and gonna be heading dte for a birthday treat all thanks to my loovely Marie. Prolly gonna celebrate mum's bday too since hers is 2 days after mine. Yayyyy im sucha happy kid now and i cant wait for tmr!!!!


fee said...

lawa nk mampos! HAHA!

Shaey Chanel said...

sape? kau? hahahahhahaahehehehe!