Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peacocks and Feathers

Coursework for N level Art (2009)
Sorry for the poor picture quality, and don't mind the flash in the middle. hehh 
Im sooo glad that i was able to pull of a last minute final piece.
Hoping for a better one this year with more vibrant colours. oooh, that is so me!
Though i just hate how the "new teacher" pressurize us. 
Just entered the school and he's already taking charge of everything?
need i say "get a life mister?"

Anyways, ive always thought that the face plus the blue wings look somehow like Lady Gaga. lol!
idk how you guys might see it, but even Aniq said it look like Gaga :D
I wonder how my piece would look like this year -.^

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