Sunday, April 25, 2010

For Real??

Ive been so busy with school work lately that i havent get to meet my AR :'( hoping to meet you soon tho. misses*

yesterday's mt mid yr oral was really easy, wasnt expecting that cus the invigilator happened to be C.Abidah. Got good remarks from her, yayy me! haaa. i still need to buck up on my mt tho cus i swear its getting really bad. i know right! what a shame to my own race. lol. 

so after orals and tuition yesterday, was suppose to head to woodlands for food hunting with Adyy Huda and Syak. but cancelled it last min since Adyy didnt hve enough cash with her. its okay babe, i dont blame you for any trouble caused. headed home and had movie marathon with mum and marie instead. watched Darah and Air Terjun Pengantin. both movies had some really disgusting bloody gruesome scenes! but Darah reminds me of Chainsaw Massacre. somehow my whole family(apart from the little ones), have a thing for horror movie cus we have prolly 3 dozen horror movies in the dvd section. LOL

anw, while i was watching Darah, i got a phonecall from Adyy. she told me that Donny and Spidey's coming to singapore to meet Adyy and meeeee!!!! how awwhhsum can it get right! hoping they'd come during the june hols since that's prolly the only period of time where Adyy and i might be free. but after o levels might be great too. oooooohh i cant wait to meet them already! heee ^-^

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