Monday, April 19, 2010

bad bad day

the scariest thing happened to me today:
i just saw a long streak of lightning flashed right before my eyes! D=

today's lessons were pretty mundane. good thing is, all the art students were treated KFC by had our treat after art remedial and I AM OHHHH SO FULL RIGHT NOW!
got home and mum said, "you've got mail!" 
my reaction: "whhaaa(t)...?"
took the mail from her hand and guess what? i just received my PIN  for Google AdSense!! in a minute i was so happy to see and get the letter. until i finally realize, MY GOOGLE ADSENSE HAD BEEN DISABLED! which means the PIN i received is no longer valid =.='
i practically waited for like a month just to receive the mail for god's sake and now i cant get my pay!
im really hoping google would accept my appeal form though, if not then i'd have no other choice but to stick with the f-why-is-it-taking-sucha-long-time nuff :|
ohhhh well.....

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