Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Quirky

Since my blog revolves around fashion and art, and not so much about myself, I've decided that I'll do a quick post of little fun facts about me (things that few/nobody knows about me) just to spice up my blog a bit. Hehe. 

Fun fact #1: I'm the 2nd out of 4 siblings
Fun fact #2: I love kissing my mum (on the cheeks) every morning when i wake up from sleep
Fun fact #3: I was in gymnastic and brownies in primary school
Fun fact #3: I used to have a fetish for "fancy" water bottles when i was about 3-6 years old
Fun fact #4: I don't have a sweet tooth
Fun fact #5: When i was about 4 years old, I didn't like to shower cause i was afraid of the loud splashing water
Fun fact #6: I hate clowns
Fun fact #7: I used to have a hamtaro key chain and I played with it as though it was a real hamster
Fun fact #8: My childhood dream job was to be a veterinarian because i'm an animal lover
Fun fact #9: I have twice sneezed with my eyes wide open (theory proven wrong!)
Fun fact #10: I only started working (part-time job) after graduating from O level
Fun fact #11: I get up every morning at around 3 a.m. just to pee
Fun fact #12: I've never said FML in my life (....okay i just did -.-)
Fun fact #13: I have a small social circle (prefer it that way)
Fun fact #14: I watch spongebob squarepants on nickelodeon every single day
Fun fact #15: Every time when there is a full moon, the small red mark on my left leg becomes brighter
Fun fact #16: I love kissing my younger siblings on the cheeks
Fun fact #17: My family used to call me tweety bird cause i had a big head with small body when i was a baby
Fun fact #18: I have too many random thoughts
Fun fact #19: My first best friend was a chinese (Samantha Wong)
Fun fact #20: In primary 1(age 7), a classmate of mine named Aaron wanted me to be his girlfriend. But in the end he had to change school the next year.
Fun fact #21: When i was 16, people thought that i was 18. But when im 18, people thought that i was 16. The irony.
Fun fact #22: I love the number 22
Fun fact #23: I dislike the colour blue, but i absolutely love turquoise
Fun fact #24: Moschino cheap & chic is the most expensive dress i've bought for myself
Fun fact #25: I don't dress to impress
Fun fact #26: I still have the really old iron (appliance used for ironing clothes) probably from the early 40s or 50s
Fun fact #27: I do great at shading with pencil/colour pencil but totally suck at painting
Fun fact #28: I come from java-chinese-arabian descent

So that's all of the fun facts about me that might really surprise you. Hope nobody's choking from a chicken bone while reading any of my fun facts, haha! I still have lots more to share though but that's all that i can think of now. More about soon! xx


elynnnnnn said...

reading this is fun :D

Shaey Chanel said...

hahahaha glad you did :D