Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing much, really, still

(After minutes and minutes of staring at this blank page thinking of what i should post as a start, all that i could think of is...) Sup? 
So it's about time i do a proper update. Well, life's been good. Nothing much really. Just simple everyday stuff like dining out with sister & the family, dine out with good friends, Ben & Jerry's with good old friend, Rafik, spending, spending, and more spending (which im sad to say, im sorta broke), movie marathons at home, alone. Well, that probably sums up the whole month. Nothing much, still. 

Except for the fact that i spent one of the days fulfilling my mum's wish/wants (checked), worked as a dresser for dior show (checked) plus a free entry to sentosa and went to a 5 star hotel, Capella (double check), AND free entry to Audi Fashion Festival!!!!!!! 

And i pray this moment will get better, if god is willing.
Apart from it all, life, nothing much really, still.

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