Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do it your way

So, each one of us has our own little "secret fulfillment" wishlist right? But sometimes we doubt the thought of being able to accomplish it just because we think that it's just impossible. Well, im happy to say that i've fulfilled some of my "secret fulfillment". Ready?

1) Getting into dream school/art school
2) Attending fashion show(s)
3) Working with fashion companies
4) Working at fashion show(s) as a dresser
5) Learn how to sew and hand stitch (with and w/o sewing machine)
6) Learn how to swim ^^V

Alright, the last 2 "secret fulfillments" might seem out of place cause some of you might think that "hey..that's just basic stuff. Anyone can possibly do that." Well yeah, quite true. But for some reason, i still doubt that i would have learnt the last 2 if it wasn't for some impromptu decision making. Like for sewing and handstitching, i only learnt it like a week before the day i had to take the FD test. And because i didnt know that the test did not include sewing machine, i literally persuaded my mum to teach me how to use it (which I'm quite good at now). And as for swimming, HAHA! If it wasnt for watching people doing cliff diving on tv and getting thrilled by it, i still wouldn't know how to swim and still living with the fear of being sucked in by the water in the pool or ocean. Thanks to my dearest girls Syakilah and Huda for sincerely teaching me how to swim, credits to them! (Love you guys always. Awww...) Laugh it off people...laugh it off. As embarrassing as it is, im proud of myself for achieving my own little success. There are more "secret- fulfillments" on my wishlist but as for now, let's just keep it a secret ;) 

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