Saturday, February 26, 2011


Alright so im just going to make it short for this one. So as you might or might not know, i had my fashion design test today. I have to say im pretty confident. Well, mainly on the designing part. The stitching/sewing and the "explain briefly, yadayadayada..." lets just leave it to the marker. Right now im still contemplating on whether or not should i sit for the fashion merchandising test. Firstly, i don't even know what to expect when i get the paper. Secondly, i hate writing and answering the questions. Well yeah, im kinda hopeless in answering. Just let me do the drawing and you'll get a ka-zillion answers based on the drawing ;) Thirdly, i dont know anything about merchadising! Finally, I DONT HAVE ANYONE TO GO WITH :'( Looks like i'd rest the case by ditching the test then :) Peace! Xoxo


elynn said...

Did u drew tht or was it a picture?

ShaeyChanel said...

hahahaha no that isnt mine. though they kind of look like mine. Im just using the pic to relate it to my post. hehh

elynnnnnnnn said...

alerrr. baru nk puji hahhaa