Monday, January 3, 2011

Just waiting

Was trying to jump with those wedges but it turned into a pose instead. Lol.

Thanks for the ice cream uncle Wall's.

These are some of the pictures of last year's(2010). Went to Clarke Quay with dearest Fee. Oh and look! Im wearing my killer wedges!! Haha! Apparently, it caught some attention. Well thank god it didnt hurt that bad. 
And thanks to those killer wedges, im proud to say that i now have a fetish for heels/wedges. It's weird cause i didnt used to like wearing those freakishly tall heels. Not because im afraid of tripping from those heels but instead, it's about my height issue. I.KNOW.RIGHT. Well, in the past, i kind of get pretty annoyed when people call me 'tiang'(lamp post). I mean even without any heels, i already felt a surge of awkwardness cause practically everyone i see is way shorter than me. And talk about my height, IM ONLY 168cm(5'6). Anyhow, i felt pretty insulted when people kept telling me, "omg you're so tall!" It's not the way they say it, but their facial expression! Well, actions do speak louder than words. But thankfully, after years of watching ANTM, (especially the latest one in cycle 15 where Ann Ward won the competition) ive learnt to appreciate my height, oh and not forgetting my huge forehead! :D I dont really care about what people say anymore. And an episode from cycle 15 about taking photoshoots with words on their body which shows how they were picked on/bullied during their younger years. Just like Ann, i was known as the 'tall girl'. It helped me alot though. Look out for the 4th photo of Ann's photoshoot on the video below to see the part i said about bully.

And for those of you who didnt know, Ann Ward's height is 6'2(188cm). Despite her awkward and quirky features, she's the only competitor in ANTM who has won 5 challenges in a row. With love and respect, thank you Ann.

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