Friday, December 3, 2010

My New Baby

I have a new baby and his name is uku(y-uku), in short for ukulele. Hehe. 
So yesterday, Fee generously accompanied me to penin to get my new ukulele. Couldnt decide which uku to buy cause there were some really cheap ones and some not-so-cheap. There was even one that cost about $200+. Too darn expensive for a uku i guess. But dont get me wrong though, it is one of the best quality. But i'd rather spend that $200 on a guitar instead. So finally i picked a suzuki for just $75 yet its one of the best quality, isnt it cheap?!?! And most of all, the workers there keep saying "this is a good one" repeatedly one after another. yeaaaaahh, i get it -.- and out of nowhere they started playing a happy birthday song. Haha, how cute! But too bad there weren't anyone's bday. 

Oh and before i forgot to mention, it was pouring heavily yesterday but thanks to me we managed not to get soaked by the rain, yet even under the umbrella, Fee keep on complaining, "ahhhh basah! aahhhh basah! aahhhhhh basahhhhh!!" again...and again....................aaaand again -..- hahahaa, it was funny though. Like i was there beside her trying to cover her from not getting wet. She on the other side kept complaining bcus droplets of water fell on her arm when the fact that i was getting drenched too! Fee feee.. hahahah

So after penin we walked back to city hall in search for "Fa La La La" popcorn? Hahaha, im still not sure waht the was. And the "Fa La La La" was stated on the paper bag so thats what i insist on calling it. Haha. Anywaysss, i recommend anyone who's reading this to try that popcorn. It's really really scrumptious and the smell, haaaaaaa~ What a great way to end the day. 
Thanks for the day Fee, xoxo.

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