Tuesday, August 10, 2010


School's starting tomorrow, and so is fasting month. And guess what? I'll be having my O level English Oral in 2 weeks time! I cant even imagine how it would be, not being able to have a sip of water before taking the oral. Adding to that, im the 3rd last person to be taking the oral on that day. I just hope my stinky breath wont chase away the invigilators though HAHA! Good luck to all those who are taking the orals next week! Oooohh, and if the invigilator happens to be dozingoff at any point of time, just breathe out your stinky breath to them, they'll be awake in no time ;)

For Your Information
presenting Richard Jansen

13-15 August
@ Esplanade

Found out from the newspaper today. Apparently Richard J's performing on 14 Aug at the esplanade, with all other rap/hip hop artistes. And if i wasnt mistaken, there'll be YOG performance at the esplanade too on that same day. So, since little Nana will be performing for YOG (which id prolly be there to watch her), i might be able to get a glimpse of Richard J! How awesome can it get! Anybody wanna tag along??? ^^

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