Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Chicken Rice Shop @ Vivo

Had dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop at Vivo with the family yesterday. And the food was omg-this-is-so-delishhh!! The chicken rice was the best i've ever had so far from a restaurant or any other shops, won't deny it! Thanks to Marie for the treat. Im rating it 5/5 :D Go try 'em!

Met Sasa too, Hi Sasa! haha. And guess what? I left home without my phone, AGAIN! But it doesnt make any difference anyway. Since i dont have to constantly check on anything except my music playlist! Little did i know i could actually live w/o a phone :S

So anyway, i bought myself a really colourful notebook!Yayyy! Im still not sure what im gonna use it for though. Art? Exam subs? Personal diary? Any suggestions? Hhahaa.

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