Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Candies For Braces

Oh woww my blog is so deaddddd!
Just gonna do a little update since ive been missing, lol.

So as you know ive been making myself really busy with school stuff. Studies, homeworks, art preps, art coursework etc. But i bet this is just the start of it right? I mean for some of you who's already in poly or whatsoever, your time would be miserably taken away by projects and more projects! So im guessing this is a good start for me. Since jojo had emphasised on being more on task and being able to do things more quickly if i want to go to NAFA. I can just predict how stressful it would or it could be in NAFA. Particularly in fashion design. I mean just take a look at the designers in Project Runway. Coming up with a design and presenting the whole look in just 24 hrs. Someone please tell me, life in NAFA isnt as crazy as that??! If not then i guess i should start doing my homework then; about fashion that is!

Anyway i've this major plan of studying in London Fashion School after NAFA. I knowww, it's sooo major that i can barely breathe thinking about it! haha! Well it's just something that i want to pursue in. I know some people still have that mindset that art won't get you anywhere. Well a question to that kind of people, do you know anything about art, really? If you don't then please dont assume cause practically what you see everywhere and i mean everything, is art. So if you're gonna keep blabbering about "oh please, art won't make you rich", then think again. Most of the richest people in the world work under the art industry. And if you think art is just about drawing bla bla bla, daammnnn, you really need to do some serious check.

I really need a break from these kind of people seriously. Demoralising muchh?? Either way, no one can part me from what i do best, except god of course :)

by Albert Einstein.

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