Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sorry, Truly

I FINALLY had my one day break with Fee Adyy and Elynn. Watched Shrek in 3D, awhsummm! And they're all that i need for now. They just seem to know how to enlighten my day :)
Holiday doesn't seem like holiday at all to me cus i still have to attend classes everyday as usual. As tiring as it is, i still have to attend them for O's sake. Eventhough im attending school everyday, i still can't understand why this particular someone thinks that im going out to have fun. For goodness sake, ive been going out everyday to attend school! 8 am till 3.30 pm everyday had been about school. Do you know how tiring it is?! And ive only had a day break to hang out with my friends, (A DAY  BREAK) and you think that ive been going out everyday to have fun? Well hey, wanna try being in my shoes and see WHAT'S FUN? Get the facts right first please. I know you're sick and all but please, if you need help, please KINDLY ask for it and i'd be glad to help. O's are already giving me so much pressure and im doing all i can to put my mind to it to give you the great result that you've been longing for, but please, i need a break too.

Sometimes i just wish you'd understand better. How im struggling with my own life. You only think you do, but seriously, do you? :( And sometimes i feel like i dont deserve to be your daughter cus no matter what i do (good or bad), i'd end up hurting your feelings. No matter how many chores ive done, you'd still think im hopeless, dont you? Do you know how your words could kill? And it's starting to kill me slowly. And dont be surprised if you'd see me dead one day. Instead, be grateful cus you'd no longer have a "hopeless child".
With love, your "hopeless" daughter :')

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