Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Heyyy! Guess what? Im suddenly going gaga over dreamcatchers! :3
Who wouldn't be right? Praises to the Native Americans for creating them. And im dying to buy it from Rastafari since that's the only place i know that are selling them (at a cheap price!). Im hoping they still sell it though. I would die if i can grab them all! Someone had promised to buy me a dreamcatcher necklace, but looks like it aint gonna happen now huh? Anywaysss, Marie's Bday is coming!!! woop woop! :3 Maybe i could buy her a dreamcatcher necklace or earrings!! Whoaa now im the one who's getting all hyped. And to mum, if you happen to read this, please dont tell Marie about it. Hehhh!

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