Monday, June 21, 2010

The Designer

Spot the shocking similarity? (the top, the bottom, the belt and the long hair)
And no, this is not planned or what you might assume "I copied her look".
This is coincidence.
But do you wanna know what's more shocking than that?...
Hi my name is Nadiah, and...
Meet Nadia Sawar, The Designer (my future dream job!!!).

(Okay I know I did say i wouldnt be posting any entries for a few days, but THIS, this is HUGE and i just felt like sharing it)

My heart practically skipped a beat cause I thought someone had posted a picture of me in a fashion blog without my permission. But I thought again...I didn't wore a hat when i took the picture and I was certain I don't have a top in khaki colour. And so I finally got to know that the picture belonged to this known  vintage designer.

Oh guess what? The clothes I wore on that picture was something I threw last minute. And the greatest thing of all, the high waisted pants was discovered the day before I wore it. Marie was digging out all the old clothes that was suppose to be thrown cause we weren't wearing any of it anymore, until she took out the pants and gave it to me. I knew that pants would be a charm ^^ I mean come on, it is so vintage, why would you wanna throw something like that right?

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