Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm dying to win one of those tops above!!!

Oh hi!. Apparently bloglovin had made a competition for anyone and everyone who's dying to win one of those above from Danny Roberts & F21. So after deciding on the top that I wanted, i excitedly followed the instructions and participate in the competition...not knowing that the deadline was on 13th June and I participated in it the next day!! Hopes are gone now. What a waste right! I should have entered it on the 13th! ohh boyy.

So anyway, i headed to town with Fee few days ago. As usual we couldnt be more noisier even if it's just the two of us. Had a little photoshoot at a gardeny rooftop and oh wow, the weather was really hot! So we immediately headed back inside the building to cool ourselves.

We did our usual walk-talk-laugh on and on until we bumped into two Italian-American men who were looking at us and suddenly stopped in front of us and asked,

man: Are you from Singapore?
me: Uhhm, yes. (still clueless)
man: What is wrong with this place? How can there be pretty ladies like you in Singapore?
me and Fee: thanks (laughs)

HAHAHAHA! We weren't sure what they meant though, either they were looking down on Singaporean women or he's indirectly complimenting us. But...i take it as a compliment :)))

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